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why, hello~

Wine Pixel 00 by ConnieConnConn

|♥| Connie |♥|

Welcome, everyone, to my profile!
I'm hoping that you are all doing well and are having a beautiful day ♥
My name is Connie~ I love to draw, paint in watercolour, bake and decorate cakes (dream job), occasionally knit, sew, and cosplay~ Ooh, and I love making new friends, especially here on DA, as well as other sites. Please feel free to contact me via Skype, or message me on Tumbls, or Tweets, Gaia, or even note me here! Don't be shy you cutie-booties! kaomoji set 1 9/19 by megaman5000

55,555 (Surprise Prize!)


Wanna contact a weenie like me via Skype or just chat on DA?
Note me!

Kissu Kissu

KissuKissu by ConnieConnConn

Your head belongs to me now. You belong to me now~ ♥

It's Alright

It's Alright by ConnieConnConn
I've killed you more than once before ♥

Commissions OPEN!

:. Commissions OPEN! .:

Icon Commission by ConnieConnConn

FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Commissions are OPEN by koffeelam

OC's? Anime/manga characters? OC's that you made to go along with already existing anime/manga?!
Naked?! Yaoi? Yuri? Naked?! Fully clothed? Death scene? Custom adopt? NAKED?!
Oh, you guys don't even know.
Connie has been down to do this kind of thing for a while now.

All of my commissions will be digital

I promise that if you get a point commission from me YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!
Or maybe you will! Who knows! That's the fun~
Life is a gamble~


Need convincing? Check out my gallery! Click Kat! ->
Do it! It's full of naked flat-chested girls!

Remember, I can draw your OC's naked.

FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Kiribans are OPEN by koffeelam

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Will receive the MYSTERY PRIZE!

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ConnieConnConn has started a donation pool!
1,235 / 2,000

:. (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ .:

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Wanna be a truly most generous person and become the horn to my unicorn??

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Not only will I love you.
But I will Truly love you.
In addition, the person who submits me the most points will receive a gift art from me and it can be anything that you (or my) distorted heart desires.

On the side note, you're all beautiful.

This is the winner of getting a commission from me in the original donation pool.
The darling :iconronchi:

Besides points going to me, I also want to give points away to lovelies in future contests.

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WINNERS!Colour the lineart! Mini Contest! WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 9, 2014, 7:47 PM

The time has arrived to announce the winners! I'm so excited and grateful of the contestants that entered! Thank you all so so much~ You make me all so happy ;7; Now, here's the winners of this mini "colour the lineart" contest!

1st Place:
Goes to the darling :iconkolokolna: ! The colouring you did is very soft and lovely! I adore it! I, of course, paid more attention to the colouring to my lineart than to the added background since the background was completely optional. I adore the many highlights in the hair and skin and even the ones in the chair. My bby girls look so precious and thank you for taking the time to enter my mini contest, I really appreciate it. You're prize is 200 Pink Points by zara-leventhal's !
Wine and Cocoa-Anne coloring by Kolokolna

2nd Place: Goes to the lovely :iconamandayauch:! The shading here is absolutely gorgeous. I love the sharp shading that was also mixed with some soft shading. But what I love about this the most is that you made Cocoa-Anne tan! I love it (howdidyouknowthatisometimestanherupcauseshelikessleepinginthesunah). And, thank you also for entering this mini contest. It's greatly appreciated. You're prize is 100 Pink Points by zara-leventhal's !
Colour the lineart! Mini Contest! - fix by AmandaYauch

3rd Place: Goes to the sweet angel :iconmintychipluv: ! The soft shading is absolutely wonderful~ The hair~ (andyuallknowi'mobsessedwithbeautifulhair) The hair is coloured very nicely, has it's shadows and highlights wonderfully placed. And you even gave her face a little extra blush hnngh! Thank you so much for entering my mini contest, I appreciate it so much. You're prize is 50 Pink Points by zara-leventhal's !
CE - Wine: No No by MintyChipLuv

Runner up!  by the cutie Stop-wasting-time ! Her eyelashes are so dark so they look so much more full!!!!!! Ah! I love long and full eyelashes~ Ooh, and you even kept the shine in her blushing cheeks~
Wine (contest entry) by Stop-wasting-time

Thank you EVERYONE that entered! If I could, I would have you all just win! ;7;

AND A REMINDER! : There will be another contest coming soon! With even bigger prizes whaaaaat~ ! So stay in touch with my journas/announcements~
Kao Emoji-69 (Bye bye) [V4] by Jerikuto


The mini contest is officially closed! I will post the results in a few days~ Good luck to everyone, and thank you all for joining!



It was brought to my attention that I should allow my linearts to be downloadable. And I did! So, thank you darling, for reminding me and go crazy you cutie-booties~


Hello, you beautiful and sweet darlings! I am throwing a mini contest while I still try and figure out the details of the major contest about to come~ !

Start Time: 10 September 2014

Deadline: 30 September

Theme: Just fill in and colour the lineart!


  • Make a journal about this contest, The more entries the better~
  • No collabs
  • Must stick to my character's original colour palettes (eye colour, hair, skin) Clothing is an exception.
  • A complicated background is not necessary. (I can't background, so I completely understand ;o; )
  • Finished deviation must have a link that connects to either me or this journal.
  • Give me credit for the lineart and original characters (my bbys)
  • DO NOT CLAIM THE LINEARTS AS YOUR OWN! (unless your a heartless weenie that deserves to get their identity stolen in real life and be forced to live through an ongoing hell)
  • Do not upload anywhere else except Deviantart.
  • Contestants are allowed to submit up to two entries, but only one will be able to win.
  • Have fun!


1st Place:

:bulletpink: 200 Pink Points by zara-leventhal's

2nd Place:

:bulletwhite: 100 Pink Points by zara-leventhal's

3rd Place:

:bulletpink: 50 Pink Points by zara-leventhal's

Go and help spread the word! And if I get over a certain amount of darlings to enter, then I will increase the prizes!

Linearts to choose from! :

Tangled Together (Lineart) by ConnieConnConn   and  Wine Sketch Kung Fu (not really) lineart by ConnieConnConn

Note: Wine has pink hair and gray eyes, when her horns peep out, they're a dark gray. Cocoa-Anne has golden-yellow eyes and white hair, she sometimes wears blue lipstick, but that's completely optional. If you don't want Cocoa-Anne to have blue lips, that's cool~
Examples of Wine and Cocoa-Anne for colour references:  and

Please note me or comment below if you are finished with your entry!

If you would like to donate prizes, please note me/comment below.

Thank you so much everyone!

  • Mood: Wow!

Raffle~ ! 

1 deviant said Good luck to everyone that enters~ !!!!!!!!!!
No deviants said By the darlings Meeluf and erikkuma
No deviants said…



:iconstarieu: :icontahneeo: :iconrsn19: :iconsafyia110: :iconaxarch:



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